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Secure 8-week remote internships that pay, facilitating meaningful connections with employers and allowing you to enrich your portfolio.

How the program works 

Frequently asked questions 

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Tech education leader, Lighthouse Labs is partnering with Riipen, the leading work-based learning platform to provide an accelerated path to Canada’s thriving tech sector. Through hands-on, employer-led projects, this partnership will help aspiring tech professionals pave their way for success with in-demand tech skills and work experiences tailored for today's dynamic job market. Together they are creating an ecosystem of opportunities for all and creating a more inclusive and thriving tech sector. 

How many projects can I complete?

Learners can complete a maximum of one ICT Ignite Plus project. Each project is 80 hours in length and can be completed over the course of 2-8 weeks.

What are the Terms and Conditions for the program?

In an effort to create a good ICT Ignite Plus experience for all parties, we have Terms and Conditions, which can be found here. Please take a moment to read through them. You will be asked to sign the T&Cs agreement before you can apply to an employer project.

How are learners paid? How long does it take?

Each Learner will be paid for the project in the form of a stipend. Each learner is required to complete 80 hours of work and the exit survey to receive their $2,000 stipend. ICT Ignite Plus operates on a 21-day payout period for learners completing ICT Ignite Plus projects. Your stipend will begin to be processed when the ICT Ignite Plus employer you worked with provides feedback on your project submission.

Additional frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

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Applying to ICT Ignite Plus projects

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Getting Started with ICT Ignite Plus

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ICT Ignite Plus is offered as part of the ICT Boost Initiative. Funded in part by the Government of Canada's Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program (SWSP).

Eligibility criteria

Work from anywhere 

All ICT Ignite Plus projects can be completed 100% remotely. With direct integrations to Google Meet and Zoom, all of your meetings can be hosted online from anywhere in the country.

Projects to match your skills & career goals 

Browse project-based internships aligned to your Lighthouse Labs Program curriculum in Web Development, Cyber Security, Data Science, or Data Analytics.

Short-term, big impact

Each project is 80 hours in length and can be completed over a    2-8 week period. 

Give and get feedback

Once your project is over, give feedback to your employer partner and get it in return to display on LinkedIn or your resume.

Payments powered by  

You’ll receive a $2,000 stipend upon completing your project. Remember, you’ll need to declare this taxable income with the CRA.

This program is exclusive to recent graduates of Lighthouse Labs Programs that meet ICT Ignite eligibility criteria. 

For other digital tech internship opportunities check out ICT Ignite Skills. 

A specialized program designed exclusively for Lighthouse Labs program graduates.