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Tech education leader, Lighthouse Labs is partnering with Riipen, the leading work-based learning platform to provide an accelerated path to Canada’s thriving tech sector. Through hands-on, employer-led projects, this partnership will help aspiring cybersecurity professionals pave their way for success with in-demand skills and work experiences tailored for today's dynamic job market. Together they are creating an ecosystem of opportunities for all and creating a more inclusive and thriving tech sector.

What does an ICT Ignite Cyber project need to include?

Projects should provide 60 hours of work per learner participating and align with our Cybersecurity curriculum. Each project must be completed within 2-4 weeks. For more information on how to create and submit a project for ICT Ignite Cyber, please consult this article.

What specialist skills do Lighthouse Labs learners have to bring to my projects?

The Lighthouse Labs learners are skilled in the following areas:

  • • Network Security
  • • Encryption
  • • Incident Response
  • • Coding
  • • Forensics
  • • Threat Detection Engineering
  • • Threat Defence Operations
  • • Building an effective Blue Team
  • • Team work

How many projects can I submit and how many students can I take on?

There’s no limit to how many projects an employer can submit to the ICT Ignite Cyber program. You will work with 5 learners per project.

What if my project requires more than 60 hours of work?

If this is the case, we suggest splitting the one project into two distinct projects. Keep in mind working with 5 learners means a project can require 300 hours of work in total.

Additional frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

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Working with ICT Ignite learners

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How to create and submit a project for ICT Ignite

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ICT Ignite Cyber is funded by Upskill Canada [powered by Palette Skills] and the Government of Canada

Most Canadian employers are already eligible

Work with skilled talent

Learners are recognized across the tech industry for their skills honed through intensive, immersive, and specialized programs.

ICT Ignite Cyber is an exciting program for employers seeking to tap into the exceptional talent pool of Lighthouse Labs’ Cybersecurity learners for fully subsidized internships, through Riipen.

Turn business challenges into remote projects

Access our template library for inspiration, or browse to see what other employers are looking for. We make it easy for you to convert your digital tech challenge into off-the-shelf 60-hour projects.

Test-drive talent at no cost

Your remote learners will receive a $1400 stipend, paid directly by Riipen. All you have to do is review their final submission, provide feedback, and mark the project as complete.

How it works:

Cyber projects at no cost

Location: Remote

The main goal of this project is to create and implement tailored cybersecurity policies and procedures for the company, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and the migration of cyber threats.

Learners will:

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders within the [Company], including IT personnel, management, and relevant staff, to understand the project specifics.
  • Review existing cybersecurity policies to identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Analyze industry best practices and regulatory requirements relevant to the [company] industry

Security Policy Development

Location: Remote

The main goal of this project is to enhance our organization’s cybersecurity. Our aim is to safeguard sensitive documents, separate personal and work accounts, and establish robust security protocols for remote work. This will be a meaningful opportunity.

Learners will:

  • Conduct a thorough security audit of our current practices.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in our document handling and access procedures.
  • Develop and implement strategies to secure remote work environments.
  • Establish clear guidelines for separating personal and work accounts.

Cybersecurity for Climate Org

Unlock 60-hour, fully-subsidized, cybersecurity internships for Canadian employers, building and nurturing their tech talent pipeline.

Lighthouse Labs learners have successfully completed intensive Cybersecurity Bootcamp and are ready to tackle your projects.

A registered Canadian business or non-profit organization

A member of the House of Commons or Senate of Canada or a representative of a publicly funded post-secondary institution

Part of an organization that engages in partisan political activities, and/or a federal, provincial, territorial, or municipal government

Read the full eligibility requirements and Terms & Conditions

The Lighthouse Labs learners performed well above my expectations. They were very professional and diligent with their assigned roles. They took ownership of the project and uncovered items and issues that I did not know existed.

ICT Ignite is opening doors to candidates interested in making a positive impact on business while gaining valuable experience. Furthermore, I'm grateful for the opportunity for businesses or startups to receive support from a diverse range of candidates.

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